The following areas of the website have new content that I hope you enjoy:

The cosplay section has been expanded to include recent costumes from the last year, including Constantine and Spike.

Additional comics have been added under the title Radicals, which appeared in the Glasgow Insight into Science and Technology magazine.

The graphic design area has been expanded the most, with additional poster designs added to Asylum, an archive of comics and advertising created on behalf of the Comic Writers & Artists Society, and now the design work for the university Chess Club which I formed in the last year.

If you are looking for other artwork, additional content has been added to the life drawing section although these are mostly older considering I have been too busy to attend sessions for a long time.



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Click the image above to take you to the most recent edition of our flagship comic Flakes. Please note that this comic is currently on hiatus and so is not being updated regularly.

Convention Timetable

More comic mart appearances will happen in the near future, for now though we're taking a break in order to work on new projects and bring you the best comics possible.

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