Over the years I've come to work with or become aquainted with several people who create, build, draw or do any number of cool things. I like to see these people succeed and to that end you'll find links below to various artists and businesses that all have some really cool stuff to offer.

Alasdair Watson Photography

Alasdair Watson Photography   Alasdair is a very talented photgrapher and a delight to work with, he does special events, cosplay shoots and everything else you can think of and his rates exceptional considering the quality of his work.

Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade

Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade  

I was contacted through the Scottish Cartoonist Society that I am involved in to take part in this comic series as a dialect consultant. It is a really great story, based off an old story in Glasgow of a group of young school children one night hunting en masse for a vampire in the Southern Necropolis.


Do check out the comic, it's a fun read.



A fellow comic creator and cosplayer I met in my early days in the Scottish Cartoonist Society.

Also. Cats.

Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre  

Club Policy

Under NO circumstances will we play the following:

  • "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
  • "This Corrosion"
  • "Blue Monday"
  • "The Love Cats"
  • ANY record by The Smiths

We don't have any metal, no matter how many times you ask!

No dress code, but we'll probably be wearing black.

Miss Jinny Show

Miss Jinny Show   A weekly radio show with a live chatroom, featuring both classic and contemporary alternative music!

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