Recommended Reading:
(Some comics below may be NSFW)

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
Andy Capp
A Softer World
Assigned Male
Axe Cop
Blue Milk Special
BOO! It's Sex
Buttercup Festival
Calvin & Hobbes
Catana Comics
Chaos Life
DAR! A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary
Cyanide & Happiness
The Devil's Panties
Dumbing of Age
Extra Ordinary
Find Chaos
Garfield minus Garfield
Geebas on Parade
Girls with Slingshots
Go Get a Roomie
Hägar The Horrible
Hark! A Vagrant
Headless Bliss
It's Walky
Laws & Sausages
Life on a Stick
Little Vampires
Love Not Found
The Norm
The Norm 4.0
On the Couch
Pearls Before Swine
The Perry Bible Fellowship
Poorly Drawn Lines
Post Secret
Questionable Content
Sandra and Woo
Sarah's Scribbles
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Stuck at 32
Stupid Fox
Tom Gauld's Cultural Cartoons
Wapsi Square
What if?
Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic
Zen Pencils


Flakes is the first ongoing comic strip I ever attempted and so far has run for 120 episodes before I took a break. It follows a mish-mash of snowmen and snowomen caracters along with demons and gods and evil crabs and any other random thing that entered my brain that I thought was funny!

I hope to continue sometime in the future when I've got more time.

Horror Scope

Horror Scope started in a goth fanzine for local clubnight called Danse Macabre, and was intended to poke fun at the alternative scene. The comics featured are all available here and as I think of more darkly humoured material it will be updated...probably.


Radicals is a strip that has run for the last few years in the Glasgow Insight into Science and Technology magazine, a science reporting magazine run by students at both Glasgow University and Strathclyde University.

24 Hour Comic Day Challenges

24 Hour Comic Day is an annual event held on the first Saturday in October. The challenge is simple: Create a 24 page comic book FROM SCRATCH ready to print in 24 hours. This can be done individually or in teams, as long as you produce something.

I have attempted this challenge every year since 2013 and you can read the results (with varying degrees of success) through the link.

Miscellaneous Comics

The link above will take you to a page containing some miscellaneous comics that don't have a real place anywhere else on the site; they include the original 3 page comic story for the origin of Rave-Man, a character that moved into the Horror Scope strips.

Recommended comics below are definitely NSFW!

Chester 5000
Collar 6
Discord Comics
Fluffy Bunny Domination
Garden Hose
The Meek
Ménage à 3
Nic Buxom
Sticky Dilly Buns


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