A kaiju monster who made his debut in 1965 as an attempt to create a rival franchise to the extremely popular Godzilla. Although ultimately less famous, Gamera came to my attention when some of the films in the series were riffed on Myster Science Theater 3000; after which the flying, ass-kicking turtle who is a friend to children everywhere became one of my favourite giant monsters.

This build was the largest I have attempted and involved collecting dozens of boxes over a period of several months to not only provide the material for the feet and shell, but also the city to be smashed on stage at the Hallowe'en Asylum event.

Craft foam was used to form the head and front shell section, and expanding foam applied to the boots and a lightweight, rainproof boilersuit to achieve the monster skin effect. Although less flexible, this method was far cheaper and probably less uncomfortable than producing a foam rubber skin-suit.




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