John Constantine

A powerful mage that made his debut in the pages of Swamp Thing before getting his own series with the Vertigo title Hellblazer. John is working class practitioner of magic and ex-punk rocker from the band Mucous Membrane.

He is one of the first characters I found who removed the pretentiousness around magic in stories and the horror nature of his comic series never shied away from depicting real concequences from messing with powerful forces.

Although I am also a fan of the short-lived 2014 TV series starring Matt Ryan, I based the look of my costume more on the comic design and even took some inspiration from the poorly recieved Keanu Reeves movie when altering the bible and charms prop.






The above photos were taken by Alasdair Watson Photography as promotion for his cosplay-only convention Cos-Con.

Alasdari Watson Photography






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