Spike (1970's)

On of the most fun and badass male characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and one season of Angel). Spike is a ruthless killer and impatient villian when first introduced, a ferocious vampire sired by Angel in victorian era London.

He gained his monoker from his propensity for torturing his victims with railroad spikes, and had the notoriety of killing two slayers in his time. My costume is based on that seen from his retelling of those slayer stories in the episode "Fool for Love" in which he kills Nikki Wood in New York in 1977, stealing his signature leather duster from her body.

This costume is my first attempt at making my own latex facial prosthetics and was well recieved at Glasgow Film and Comic Con (2016) where I won a prize goodie bag for best FX and spooky make up.




The above photos are courtesy of Cosplayatshowmasters and PhotoGoku


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